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Exhibition Sets

We have available our High Quality Exhibition Sets to Hire or to Purchase for any Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, and Exhibitions, we like to ensure that you have all the essential promotional units needed. We have put together our cheap and best Exhibition Sets with the option to Purchase or to Hire. We have taken into consideration what is needed to effectively promote your brand, stand out, yet accommodate to your budget. By this we like to ensure that our Exhibition Set provides quality, Effective Marketing and Promotion, and Ensure Lower Overheads.

These are available in different sizes. For those who require small exhibition booths, we have Portable 3×6 Exhibition Booth, Economical 3×6 Exhibition Display Sets, Modular Exhibition Set 3×6 and Modular 3×3 Exhibition Display Panel. Our Modular 6×6 Exhibition Display Sets are special display booth for those who need spacious exhibit system. You can add accessories to these exhibition sets, like roll up stands, A frames, X banner stands, Promotional counters, promotional tables and snap frames to high light your brand.

Our Multi System Brochure Display and brochure holder rack are best items to display your graphics and brochures, literature, Leaflets and pamphlets to provide detailed information of your company or your product.

Mira Pop Up Wall is highly effective solution to create visual communication at promotional events, trade shows and exhibitions. We can provide you complete pop up displays or exhibition booths according to your business requirements. Our Shopping Center Displays and Exhibition Sets(MEXS01)are combination of pop up displays.

Hiring is an option recommended to clientele who participate in Marketing Events less frequent or for a One- Off Marketing Event. Hire only comprises of the Display System Parts e.g the Roll up Display pieces and Casing, Pop-Up Wall Frame and Casing. Literature Racks and etc. It does not include the Media Print. The Media Print is purchased by the client and is inclusive of the Hire Price. We provide the service of Graphic Design Printing of up to 720 DPI to uploaded files with an easy step by step installation guide. For any Graphic Design Work needed, Pricing will be additional to the Set Price, as this may take time in the design process and further collaboration is needed with clientele for the Final Artwork to effectively meet the required Marketing Concept or Theme.


Portable Economy 3×6 Exhibition Booth

Price $ Contact- (02) 9804 1475

economical 3x3 exhibition display sets

Economical 3×3 Exhibition Display Sets

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475

Modular 6×6 Exhibition Display Sets

Modular 6×6 Exhibition Display Sets

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475


Modular Exhibition Set 3×6

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475

modular 3×3 exhibition display panels

Modular 3×3 Exhibition Display Panels

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475


Media Backdrops

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475


Shopping Center Displays

Price $ 1,899.00

pop up wall

Pop up Wall

Price $ 2235.00


Exhibition Sets (MEXS01)

Price $ 2,599.00



Price $ 395.00


Lightweight 3×3 Exhibition Set Up

Price $ Contact- 02 9804 1475


Brochure Holder Rack

Price $ 178.00